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write_surf command


write_surf file 




Write a surface file in text format describing the currently defined surface elements. See the read_surf command for a definition of surface elements and how they are defined and used be SPARTA. The surface file can be used for later input to a new simulation or for post-processing and visualization.

Note that if surface objects were clipped when read in by the read_surf command then some surface elements may have been deleted and new ones created. Likewise for the points that define the end points or corner points of surface element lines (2d) or triangles (3d). Similarly, if surface elements have been removed by the remove_surf command, then points may have also been deleted. In either case, surface points and elements are renumbered by these operations to create compressed, contiguous lists. These lists are what is output by this command.

The file is written as a text file in the same format as the read_surf command reads in.

Restrictions: none

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Default: none