SPARTA Authors and Thanks

The development of SPARTA has been funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

The chief authors of SPARTA are Steve Plimpton and Michael Gallis, who can be contacted at sjplimp at and magalli at, respectively.

Tim Bartel (tjbarte at was the chief author of the 2d ICARUS DSMC code, a predecessor to SPARTA. Some of the parallelization ideas developed for ICARUS have also been useful in SPARTA.

Dan Rader and Steve Kempka, both managers at Sandia, have provided enthusiastic support for SPARTA development and its release as open-source software.

Timeline of features added to SPARTA

Dec17 KOKKOS package Stan Moore, Dan Ibanez, Tim Fuller (Sandia)
Oct14 ParaView converter tools Tom Otahal (Sandia)
Jul14 Initial SPARTA release Gallis and Plimpton