We are currently working on a paper that describes the algorithms and capabilities of SPARTA. Until we post it here, if you use SPARTA results in a paper, please cite the following conference paper which gives a brief description of SPARTA. Likewise, we ask that you cite the SPARTA web site at

Direct Simulation Monte Carlo: The Quest for Speed, M. A. Gallis, J. R. Torczynski, S. J. Plimpton, D. J. Rader, and T. Koehler, Proceedings of the 29th Rarefied Gas Dynamics (RGD) Symposium, Xi'an, China, July 2014. (to be published by AIP) (abstract)

Below are other papers that discuss aspects of SPARTA.

If you send us information about a paper that uses SPARTA results, we'll be pleased to add info about it to this page. Ditto for any pictures or movies suitable for the Pictures & Movies page.

A horizontal vane radiometer: Experiment, theory, and simulation, D. Wolfe, A. Larraza, and A. Garcia, Physics of Fluids, 28, 037103 (2016). (abstract) (

Direct simulation Monte Carlo investigation of the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability, M. A. Gallis, T. P. Koehler, J. R. Torczynski, and S. J. Plimpton, Physics of Fluids, 27, 084105 (2015). (abstract) (

Modeling of Rarefied Hypersonic Flows using the Massively Parallel DSMC Kernel SPARTA, A. Klothakis and I. K. Nikolos, 8th GRACM International Congress on Computational Mechanics, Volos, Greece, July 2015. (abstract)