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species command


species file ID1 ID2 ... 


species air
species air Cl
species O2 N2 NO
species myfile H+ Cl- HCl 


Define one or more particle species to use in the simulation. This command can be used as many times as desired to add species to the list of species that the simulation recognizes.

The specified file is the name of a file containing definitions for some number of species, not all of which need to used by this simulation. Only those requested by ID will be extracted from the file and they must be present in the file. The format of the species file is discussed below. The data directory in the SPARTA distribution contains several species files, all with the suffix ".species".

Each ID is a character string used to identify the species, such as N or O2 or NO or D or Fe-. The string can be any combination of alphanumeric characters or "+", "-", or underscore.

Instead of specifying IDs for single species, one of several pre-defined multi-species names can be used, each of which is expanded into a list of several individual species IDs. The list of recognized abbreviations is as follows:

These abbreviations can be used in combination with single-species IDs as in the 2nd example above.

The format of a species file is as follows. Comments or blank lines are allowed in the file. Comment lines start with a "#" character. All other lines must have the following format with values separated by whitespace:

species-ID prop1 prop2 ... prop9

The species-ID is a string that will be matched against the requested species-ID, as described above. The properties are as follows:

Restrictions: none

Related commands: none

Default: none